The 1st International Olympiad of Metropolises

The press conference on the results of the 1st International Olympiad of Metropolises will be held on September 9

The press conference "Olympiad of Metropolises: knowledge unites" will be held on Friday, 9 September 2016, at 10.00 in the "Uglich" conference hall of hotel complex "Izmailovo".

The event will be attended by the director of the Moscow Center for Teacher Excellence Ivan Yaschenko, the participants and team leaders. They will speak about the organization and holding of the Olympiad of major cities and capitals of the world.
The Olympiad of Metropolises is held in Moscow for the first time from 4 to 9 September 2016. School teams from 22 major cities and capitals of the world, the students of Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Beijing, Helsinki, Abu Dhabi, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Tel-Aviv, Riga, Yerevan, Budapest, Belgrade, Jakarta, Bishkek , Leipzig, New Delhi, Sofia, Almata, Tallinn, Astana, Düsseldorf participate in the event. There were intellectual competitions on four general disciplines: informatics, mathematics, physics and chemistry held in four Moscow schools.