The 1st International Olympiad of Metropolises

Moscow team became an absolute winner and took the first place in the Olympiad of Metropolises

The final results of the first International Olympiad of Metropolises are published.
Moscow team took the first place in the Olympiad of Metropolises and became an absolute winner of the Olympiad, which took place from 4 to 9 September 2016. The teams from St. Petersburg and Belgrade also won the gold medal.
The teams from Minsk, Jakarta, Sofia, Budapest and Yerevan took the second place. 
Third place was shared by students from Tallinn, Astana, Leipzig, Riga, Almaty, Beijing and Bishkek. 
The absolute winner in the individual competition in chemistry became Elena Golubeva from Moscow, in physics - Taveta Kalda from Tallinn, in informatics - Grigory Reznikov and Vladislav Makeev from Moscow, in math - Pavel Gubkin from St. Petersburg.
Five teams from Moscow, Jakarta, St. Petersburg, Sofia and Budapest were awarded for winning the blitz contest of Olympiad of Metropolises.
Olympiad of Metropolises was held in Moscow from 4 to 9 September 2016. The participants of the competition were school teams from 22 major cities and capitals of the world. There were students of Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Beijing, Helsinki, Abu Dhabi, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Tel-Aviv, Riga, Yerevan, Budapest, Belgrade, Jakarta, Bishkek, Leipzig, New Delhi, Sofia, Almaty, Tallinn, Astana, Düsseldorf. There were intellectual competitions on four general disciplines: informatics, mathematics, physics and chemistry held in four Moscow schools.
For participants and visitors of the Olympiad a rich cultural program was also provided. They visited the historical park "Russia - my history" at the Exhibition Center, the Space Museum, the complex of Christ the Savior Cathedral, the exhibition "Art Treasures of Russia" in the Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre and the office of "Yandex" where there were lectures by leading experts of the company.
In addition, the participants with their team leaders made an evening boat trip along the Moscow river with an overview of the sights of Moscow. On 10th  of September the celebrations of the City Day in Gorky Park and the Catherine Park is scheduled.